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First Assistance delivers a range of comprehensive, integrated, global travel assistance and travel risk management products and services.

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We provide immediate access to multilingual expertise, logistical advice and on ground professionals, ensuring your travel risk and security needs of business travelers, expatriates and local nationals are met wherever they are in the world 24/7.

Our Stories

  • "Thanks so much for your help and support with my situation. Getting mum to China and putting my mind at ease with the entire circumstance."

Our People

From Case Managers and Logisticians to Security Specialists and Travel Experts — our team work together to ensure your people are safe and sound. Talk to Us.

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Ramona Cobb

Ramona Cobb is responsible for managing operations and key accounts. She brings over 15 years’ experience in the telecommunications and insurance industries. Ramona’s experience and customer focus ensures the constant delivery of a world-class customer experience. Ramona joined First Assistance in 2011.

Reuben Cutfield

Reuben is responsible for managing software development projects and product ownership. He has a degree in biomedical neuroscience. Reuben joined First Assistance in 2011.

Michael Good -Sydney

Michael joined First Assistance Sydney in 2014 with over 5 years of experience in the Australian assistance industry, Michael is a subject matter expert in case management, security assistance and legal assistance with his background as a practicing solicitor. Michael remains focused in his role on developing operational efficiency, enhancing customer service and meeting customer requirements.

Annually provide medical, security and travel services to 450,000 travellers, 200,000 expatriates for over 7,000 organisations

Global network of over 75,000 approved and accredited service providers including;

  • Hospitals
  • Medical centres
  • Air ambulance providers
  • Air charter companies

Our Contacts

New Zealand

Level 8, 56 Cawley Street
Ellerslie, Auckland 1051
New Zealand

PO Box 17-310, Greenlane,
Auckland 1546, New Zealand

Phone +64-9-356 1656
Fax +64-9-355 0484


Level 22, 120 Spencer Street, Melbourne,
VIC 3000, Australia

Level 22, 120 Spencer Street, Melbourne,
VIC 3000, Australia

Phone +61 2 8036 3193
Fax +61 2 8569 1381